Benefits that say, "Stay"
Do your benefits cover your team's entire families?

92% of pet owners want more pet-related perks from their employer. The most requested perk? Medical insurance for their pets. What’s driving this interest? A sincere desire for the pets we love to have a fuller, more integrated presence in our lives.


As pets become more integrated into the professional side of our lives, so does the desire to keep them healthy and safe. We are spending more on our pets than ever before—most notably pet health care costs, which have risen faster than health care costs for people. But is this significant to businesses? We think so—with 70% of American households having pets and 67% of millennials who say financial stress overtakes their ability to focus and be productive at work.

It’s no secret, focused employees are valuable and generate more revenue. When you add Trupanion as a voluntary benefit, you’re helping to protect your team members from significant financial—and mental—stress that can affect morale and performance, while attracting top talent.

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2/3rds of pet-owning workers would leave their company for a more pet-friendly employer. That’s significant. By offering medical insurance for pets, you’re not just benefiting current team members, you’re also attracting top candidates.




Insurance is complicated enough, so we keep things simple with one comprehensive plan that covers all new injuries and illnesses with no payout limits.



With year-round enrollment, your team members can simply enroll themselves, online and whenever. Year-round enrollment allows your team to enroll themselves at anytime.



Every six seconds a pet owner faces nearly $1,000 in veterinary bills, but only 39% of Americans have enough money saved to cover the expense.



We offer an exclusive group rate, which provides one price for cats and dogs and is often lower than the open market or individual policies.



We can meet your group’s specific needs with flexible customization.


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